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  • My boyfriend has fat fatish, I didn't know this then, but one day, we were eating dinner, he made himself a

    large portion, I had no idea why, but he didn't eat any of it, and well I was eating he tied med up onto the chair, very tight mind you, and pulled up my shirt and said, "Look at your belly, it's so thin, I will fatten you up. He managed to get the food down my throat by blending it(Eww) and he came over with it in a glass and a straw, and he tickled me so I opened my mouth, and he put the straw in my mouth and plugged my nose I have to drink it. He did this with like 8 glasses and then untied me, I looked like I was pregnant, I felt so fat, I could barely move a finger! I fell asleep and I woke up and he had 5 large milkshakes and did the same thing, and said, " That's a good girl, nice big belly, just 2 more milk shakes." I looked at my huge belly. "Please stop." I said. "No." Just 2 more milkshakes. He gave me 1 of the milkshakes and massaged my bulging belly, it was painful. He gave me the last one and my pants split, and I fell asleep, I tried to button my pants yesterday and the button flew off, and we are going to the movies after work, so embarrassing.

  • Y isn't anyone trying it?!

  • Lol, this is the best quiz evvvvvaarrr! People shall ty it :P


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