Who will be your true love 1

This is the plot so you are new in the land of the rich aka the upper east side of manhattan and you just moved here from los angeles and this cold weather is not what you like. your mom draged you here because she got a new job your mother is a fashion designer. your first day at Atlantic Academy will suck "no pun intended" don't worry youll get that. but maybe it won't maybe you'll find your true love!!!

This day is about to rock you kno it will you have the latest fashion but you are missing your ex boyfriend and all of your close friends and you kno that it can't get any worse so you just pull through and decide that it will all be ok. And off to school you go.

Created by: jocie
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  1. READ THE PLOT FIRST. as you walk in the front doors of atlantic academy you see everyone turn and look at you but suddently you see this really hott guy walk up to you and say "hi i'm shaun you must be new here." and you are first of all shocked because this gorgeous guy just talked to you but as you are comeing out of your daze you say
  2. "yes i can show you where the attendence office is" shaun says. and you just walk with him and as you walk into the attendence office you hear yelling comeing from the principals office than out comes one georgeous emo guy with a smug smile and the best hair and damn does he look good in skinny jeans.
  3. you walk up to the attendence lady when shaun taps you on hte back and says "i hav to go but ill see you around" and winks at you. you go up to the lady (named bernie) and ask
  4. you get your class scheduel and notice that your late for your first class and as your running there you trip and who else is there but the mystery guy himself. "woah there you could hurt yourself you kno, oh by the way im Zane." and you say
  5. he decides it is safest to walk you to your next class but he leaves you there when you get to the door you walk in and are introduced by the teacher and you look for a seat and the only one open is next to a really hott guy
  6. you sit next to the hot guy and he leans over and extends his hand for a shake as he says "hi im isaac" you say "hi im ______...
  7. he says that he can walk you to your next class and he keeps his promise but the next class is not with him so he leaves and says "hey i'll catch you later" as you walk in the door to your next class you yet again get introduced to the class and you are about to take your seat when you trip and fall you think to your self
  8. about 10 minuites in you get a note passed to you and you read it and it says "hi im derek i just want to say... (cliffhanger haha)
  9. who do you love
  10. who is your other love

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Quiz topic: Who will be my true love 1