Who will be your true love 2

This is the plot so you are new in the land of the rich aka the upper east side of manhattan and you just moved here from los angeles and this cold weather is not what you like. your mom draged you here because she got a new job your mother is a fashion designer. your first day at Atlantic Academy will suck "no pun intended" don't worry youll get that. but maybe it won't maybe you'll find your true love!!!

This day is about to rock you kno it will you have the latest fashion but you are missing your ex boyfriend and all of your close friends and you kno that it can't get any worse so you just pull through and decide that it will all be ok. And off to school you go.

Created by: jocie
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. "... well i just wanted to say hi so hi." and that was all it said in the note that you got from Derek. so after class derek approches you and tells you that he needs help in math (the class you were just in together) so you say
  4. you ask when and he says how about after school today since there is a quiz tomorrow. than you walk with him to lunch and just as you sit down shaun, zane, and isaac come and sit at the same table. you think it is just a cuincidence but its not and sitting next to you is...
  5. after school derek drives you to his house. you are going over the bridge into manhattan and about 10 minuites later you stop and see his house and wow it is the largest thing you have ever seen and as you get out of the car 3 more cars pull up and guess who gets out...
  6. and all of you head into the same house. just as you get in derek says "______, can you wait here i have to talk to my brothers for a minuite." you nodd and in a few seconds you hear everyone yelling than you catch the words "we have to tell her.."
  7. then they all come out looking down and i ask "whats wrong." then isaac comes over to me and says "you better sit down." "why" you ask?"
  8. "tell me what" you ask. "well how can i put this..." isaac wonders. "we are vampires." Zane says matter a factly. "well thats blunt." Shaun says.
  9. "you have got to be kidding me." you say. "yeah its a lot to chew do you want some time alone." isaac asks.
  10. "uhhhhh, you guys i think she is having a heart attack cause she is not moving." Shaun says. and than you faint and you feel someone pick you up and you open your eyes and see Zane holding you. and he takes you to an empty room...
  11. when you wake up you head down in the direction you smell food coming from and there you see isaac cooking an omlete...
  12. than you head for the garage and when you get there you feel someone standing right behind you and you feel breath on your neck and you wheel around and see..... (hehe a cliffhanger)
  13. so who do you want to be your true love so far???

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Quiz topic: Who will be my true love 2