Who will be your Harry Potter Boyfriend?

ever thought who your H.P boyfriend may be??? take this quiz to find out, come on girls don't be chicken, just have a go who knows it might even be fun!

Who is your H.P boyfriend??? is it Harry, the boy who loved?, Ron our loyal Red Head? one of the cheeky Weasley twins? or are you keen on Bad Boys such as Draco Malfoy? Find out!

Created by: Hermione

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!What do you look for in a boy?
  2. what would be his best boy-friend characteristic?
  3. what types of dates would you go out on?
  4. forgot to ask before but what house you in?
  5. how do you feel about... Harry?
  6. how do you feel about... Ron
  7. how do you feel about... the Weasley twins?
  8. how do you feel about... Draco
  9. How do you feel about... Ginny?
  10. Last one... Who do you want as your HP boyfriend ( this will not effect your mark, sorry!)

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Quiz topic: Who will be my Harry Potter Boyfriend?