who was your ancestor?

there are many with those who have ancestors. an ancestor is somebody who lived before you and your family seeing the world in a old age.

which one is your ancestor? are you that curios to find out?

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  1. im gona start with the ones with the daily life things
  2. it is night and you are walking home from school when you realise you wana have some entertainment and sneak in the shadows. would you do it?
  3. lets say you sneaked through the shadows(if you said no then skip to the next question) and a friend came and asked you what are you douing? you say
  4. you didint walk through the shadows your friend comes and asks you to come over you say?
  5. lets say you(once again if you said no skip) went in the house with the friend your friend tells you to help him with a salat you say?
  6. you said no and kept walking home and your at your house door the first thing you do?
  7. you woke up and the thing you do is?
  8. you realise its friday and you go to school the first thing comes to your mind is?
  9. your at gym and your teacher said to climb up some buildings outside(they made it safe) your response?
  10. you finish school and you thought what would your ancestors life be? (each question sympolises a chractar this one sympolises the assasin. you were asked to kill a certain man how would you do it?
  11. this one sympolises the peasant you thought how much crops did your ancestor harvest? and with what
  12. this one sympolises the knight your king asks you to lead a capaign what would be your victory speech for your men and sister who will fight?
  13. this one sympolises the potion maker you were asked to make a extremely powerful knockout potion your response and gold needed?

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Quiz topic: Who was my ancestor?