who the harry are you? are you hermione,ron,harry,luna,porfessor lockhart,or bellatrix lastrange.

are you strange like luna or are you smart and prepared like hermione????find out your personalaty and whitch harry potter charecter you are most like.take this quiz!!!

Created by: Why should I tell you?

  1. Do you enjoy adventure?
  2. Do people think you are smart?
  3. Do you sometimes feel left out, or unimportant compared to your friends?
  4. Do people think you are out of this world (weird)?
  5. do you think you are the best in the world?
  6. are you always ready for what happens next (just in case)?
  7. have you always been a fan of the dark side(mean mudblood killer)?
  8. are you a fan of pudding?
  9. do you think that you are better than anyone you can see?
  10. are you shy sometimes?
  11. are you afrad of spiders?
  12. do you like someone someone already likes?

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