Who's your inner enchantress

becasue it's kinda how oyu are inside and its from candy Magazine so i dont really know why i just but it here hehehehe you know there are only a few faires who can try some thing new

Are oyu curious? Are oyu boastful? are oyu Timid? Shy? Well the last 2 questions didn't have anything to do with them. anyway i just have to make this 1-5-0 characthers so don't know what 2 do

Created by: jazmine of Trust you heart and you'll find the way
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. takes up the space in your bag
  2. you've got 5 mins. to get ready for a saturday gimmik with buds. what do you pull out of your closet.
  3. you've got a major midnight snack craving. what do you get
  4. how do you de-stress
  5. what's your flavor
  6. which super power wolud you pick
  7. Which Hottie would steal ur heart beat
  8. which scent would you be?
  9. which chocolate bar would you be??
  10. be any celeb for the day

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Quiz topic: Who's my inner enchantress