Who's your dream husband?

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are you ready to find out who is your dream guy? with 7 gorgous guys to get, who will be yours? is it the funny guy? the sweet guy? the animal lover? you will find out in this quiz!!!!

you know you want to find out!!! take a chance with this quiz and realize who is your dream guy you will be guaranteed to smile and maybe laugh and maybe be angry but anyways, enjoy!!!

Created by: elenarachel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favorite way to spend time?
  2. who is your favorite member in your family?
  3. favortie color?
  4. why are you taking this quiz
  5. what did you have for dinner last night
  6. what color is your shirt
  7. why did the chicken cross the road
  8. whats your favorite type of gum
  9. how often do you shower
  10. how many teeth do you have
  11. what is the perfect letter of a dream mans name?

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Quiz topic: Who's my dream husband?