who's your celebrity boyfreind????

I made this quiz because I can never find a good quiz about who I want my celebrity crush to be or to find out who he will be so by doing this quiz you will have 5 amazing competitors.

these competitors will be all fighting each other for your heart so I hope your ready for the lov about to be shared throughout this quiz. please enjoy my quiz as I worked hard on it.

Created by: Amelia jane

  1. what do you want in a man?
  2. what kind of features do you look for in his face?
  3. what kind of hair do you want in a boyfriend?
  4. what is your favorite tv show/movie?
  5. are you a swamp or city guy/girl?
  6. who do you like more?
  7. who is you true love as of now?
  8. what is your favourite food?
  9. do you have any disabilities?
  10. who do you like you celebrity boyfriend will be?

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Quiz topic: Who's my celebrity boyfreind????