Who's you perfect match?

HEYYYYYY! youu evahh wonderr who yurr perfecttt match izzz! takeee myy super duperr awesomee fantastic delicious? totally dopee quiz to find out!!??(((:

ok. theres 3 possible dudes youu could gett!! DO NOT WORRY, THEYRE ALL HOT! i knoee 'em all. ok, um...idk wat else to write on here but it hasz 2 be 150......ok i guess thatts good enough!!**

Created by: Jayde

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whattz yurr fave color (out of these)?
  2. QUICK! Pick yurr fave:
  3. Fave song (out of these)?
  4. Fave:
  5. Pick a letter:
  6. Pick onee:
  7. Do youu wear SILLY BANDZ?
  8. Fave Singer?
  9. im bored r u!!?!
  10. OK LAST Q!! do youu like Jersey Shore?

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