Who Mata Nui Character are you?

On a tropical Island called Mata Nui, six Toa heroes wash ashore in six Toa Canisters. After building themselves up, they discover their Kanohi masks and their elemental powers: Fire, water, stone, earth, air and ice. The Toa, named Toa Mata, each meet the Turaga, the elders of each village, or Nui, on Mata Nui. Eventually, they meet each other and discuss Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 4.28.25 PM The Toa Mata the next course of action. They begin to search their own five other masks, hidden on Mata Nui. Each mask that they found had the powers of one of the other Toa Mata's masks. They encounter dangerous Rahi, animals which attack them during their quest, and learn about Makuta Teridax. As the Toa collected their masks, they head for Kini-Nui to receive their Golden Kanohi which give them th

Insectoid creatures called Bohrok are awakened and rampage over Mata Nui to destroy everything they can see. The entire village of Le-Koro is overrun by the Levahk, who replace their masks with Krana, living beings which control the Bohrok or the wearer. Lewa hears the news of his village being overrun and goes to help. He soon discovers it is a trap as Turaga Matau greets him by replacing his Mask of Power with a Krana. Lewa and the village are saved by Onua and a group of Onu-Matoran in Boxor vehicles, built from Bohrok parts. Lehvak Lehvak, a Bohrok. The Toa originally believed that the Bohrok were otherworldly beings. However, when Tahu and Kopaka discover and enter a Bohrok nest, they discover that the Bohrok came from under Mata Nui. They leave to join with the other Toa and enter t

Created by: Zanton

  1. What is your age?
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  1. What weapon do you prefer!
  2. Color?
  3. Which food do you like best out of these?
  4. Power?
  5. Favourite Piraka?
  6. I say Rahkshi! You Say ...
  7. Bionicle Stars!?!
  8. Region?
  9. Personality?
  10. Did you like this quiz? Sorry for bad writing but I am not good at English!

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Quiz topic: Who Mata Nui Character am I?