Who Is Your KOTLC Best Friend??

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Hi! Thanks for taking this quiz. Why am I even writing this? No one sees these quizzes about kotlc ;-; its sad ik, but if you are reading... YAY thanks!

Wanna meet who you would most likely be friends with? Our lovely Lord Hunkyhair (keefe) Our moonlark? (Sophie) our salty Tammy boy? (Tam) Water girl? (Linh) Da Dimply dizzman? (Dex) Wonderboy? (Fitz) or Ro, Ro, Ro your boat? (Ro) enjoy!~EmmaTheEmpath.

Created by: EmmaTheEmpath
  1. What would bother you the LEAST if you had a kotlc best friend?
  2. What is most like you?
  3. What is most like you? (continued)
  4. If your friend got angry at you, what would you do?
  5. What is your strategy to help when a friend is upset?
  6. You see someone walking the CUTEST pet EVER. What do you do about it?
  7. Who do you want it to be? (will MINORLY effect answers.)
  8. What do you want from your friend?
  9. Did you enjoy??? (will not affect score)
  10. Did you answer honestly? PLEASE if you didn't answer with things that are true to your personality, go back and change answers. (Will not effect score)

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Quiz topic: Who Is my KOTLC Best Friend??