Who is your Jedi Daddy?

There are no Jedi's today. They lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but they have always come from many schools of thought, some leaning towards the dark and some towards the light. Today you encounter every day things that will push you to one school or the other and this quiz examines what is your potential Jedi Heritage

Are you a Jedi? Jedi stand for justice, peace and the Force but some fall far below the golden standard. In but a few moments of real life scenarios, you'll find out how much Jedi is in you.

Created by: reybeez
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  1. You're at a traffic light which just turned green. The driver immediately behind you lays his/her hand on the horn. You:
  2. Swamped with work and tests, you forgot that you have an essay due tomorrow. You:
  3. You head up a committee at your local school or church but unfortunately the committee is usually very busy with everyday stuff. Something comes up that needs a decision and you have an idea what the decision should be. You:
  4. You have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is attractive, nice and loyal. But in your school (or job) there is a person who is even more attractive and flirtatious with you. You:
  5. You're at an all you can eat buffet. You:
  6. You are in an argument where your opponent has offended your intellect, your personality and finally your mother. You:
  7. You're a teacher and the class is ignoring you. You:
  8. You're taking an online quiz, answer honestly and get a result that is accurate but you don't like. You:
  9. Two roads before you. Which do you take:
  10. Your favorite artist releases a CD which you buy from Best Buy. You find out that evening that Target has an extra track as does K-Mart but both those tracks are different. ITunes forces you to buy the whole album and all it gives you is a video without t

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Quiz topic: Who is my Jedi Daddy?