who is your greek God parent?

Okay, Everyone knows about greek mythology. the gods are zues posidon hades ares atheana hepatasus aphrodite hermes apollo hera and Artamis. who is your greek god parent?

mine was origionally posidon on most quizzes, and aprhodite on others. im hot and i rule seas. YES!!!!!:) for those of you who get hades, i hate you

Created by: wolfman1
  1. what is the greatest vacation spot youve ever been?
  2. Favorite weather?
  3. favorite color?
  4. what is your dream job?
  5. Favorite ancient greek city?
  6. which best represents you?
  7. Do you enjoy flying on a plane?
  8. Do you enjoy the beach?
  9. do you LOVE shopping
  10. Are you for war or aginst it
  11. do you perfer day or night
  12. what do you think of school

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Quiz topic: Who is my greek God parent?