Who is your godly parent? (Greek Gods)

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Ever since the gods have quit talking, less demigods have been getting claimed, even though the gods promised. Demigods at camp are worried about all the young demigods out there.

Are you apart of the Percy Jackson fandom? Or are you an unclaimed demigod waiting to be claimed? This quiz will help you figure out who your godly parent is.

Created by: Posidensdaughter
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which animal do you like best?
  2. What's your favorite thing to do.
  3. What color do you prefer?
  4. Are you...
  5. What so you like the most?
  6. Would you rather...
  7. What is your favorite Percy Jackson book?
  8. Do you always carry your cell phone?
  9. Favorite flower?
  10. Are you ready to find out your godly parent?

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Quiz topic: Who is my godly parent? (Greek Gods)