Who Is Your Godly Parent

This quiz will let you answer questions about your general personality, and interests. By doing this you can relate to whichever god is most like you.

Hopefully by the end of this your godly parent will be shown and you will be able to research them and see just how much you and your dad or Mom relate. Have fun!

Created by: Nolan Lindberg

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who do you usually tend to hang out around?
  2. Favourite colour or colour that suits you well?
  3. What type of weapon would you use?
  4. What is your favourite thing to do?
  5. Who do you think your parent is?
  6. Where is your preferred habitat?
  7. Personality?
  8. Messy or Clean?
  9. Best quality?
  10. How well is your critical thinking?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Godly Parent