Who is your Follow My Lead boyfriend? (Includes former)

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Here is a short description of who they are: We are a 5 piece Post Hardcore/Metalcore band based in Northern Ireland. With members coming from Derry, Belfast and as far as Dublin.

Do you LOVE Follow My Lead? If so, do you wonder who your boyfriend would be? You have come to the right place! Results are: Mattie Foxx (Former), Declan Graham, Robbie Thorne, William Woods, and Niall Friel!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. What hair and eye colour combo would you like on a guy?
  2. Snakebites, angelbites, or nah?
  3. How would you want your guy to look?
  4. What personality would you like in a guy?
  5. Which band member would you want to date?
  6. Who are you hoping to get? This question will not affect your result.
  7. The rest of these questions will be about you. The personality based question is the only one that will have affect on the results.
  8. What is your hair colour? This will not have affect on your result.
  9. What is your eye colour? This will not have affect on your result.
  10. What is your personality like? This WILL have affect on your result.
  11. Results are ready.

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Quiz topic: Who is my Follow My Lead boyfriend? (Includes former)