Who Is Your BTS Bias?

Hello! Welcome to Who Is Your BTS Bias! Gavin a hard time choosing your bias? Well I know how you feel, you cant just show up with 7 cute guys and expect us to choose. So heres a quiz that could possibly help you out!

Choose answers that correspond to things you like! I dont like how this quiz app is forcing me to write a 150 character paragraph line seriously. anyways I cant choose a bias either :)

Created by: SugaKookies
  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. What is Your Favorite Animal?
  3. Favorite Movie Genre?
  4. Who is your Favorite Member Of BTS? (I know its hard to choose but just try)
  5. If your were invited to a party you would?
  6. How are you liking the quiz
  7. Whose Hair Do You Like the Best
  8. Favorite BTS Song?
  9. Fave MV?
  10. And Finally Are you proud of how far BTS have gotten?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my BTS Bias?