Who is Your BTS bias?

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Do you like BTS? Still trying to think of a bias? Take this quiz! If you love everybody, even better! This quiz will tell you if the bias you have is a true bias, or if your eyes have been deceiving you.

You will be asked to leave a review, I will not take any of the answers personally, unless its a good review! This is a quiz for the BTS lover, also known as ARMY. ARMYS unite!

Created by: Emma
  1. What do you like the most?
  2. Choose a song.
  3. Do you Prefer...
  4. What is your favorite album?
  5. Are you....
  6. Who do you hope to get?
  7. Type of house?
  8. Did you Like this Quiz?
  9. Do you already have a bias?
  10. Do you actually like BTS?

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Quiz topic: Who is my BTS bias?