Which BTS member are you?

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Hey ARMYS! Here today I have a quiz that will tell you which member of BTS you are! They are all very wonderful and talented people! (My bias is V because he is so cute and has a voice deeper than the ocean)

Anyways, They are all unique and wonderful in their own way, and I love them all! I hope you enjoy this quiz and I hope you’re happy with the results!! Maybe you’ll get your bias, who knows!Comment your bias!

Created by: Thefrickening
  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. Whats your style?
  3. Who is your bias?
  4. Bias Wrecker?
  5. Which emoji describes you best?
  6. Where do you stand in your friend group?
  7. Choose a song:
  8. If you were in a K pop group, which one of these would you be?
  9. Choose a style of food
  10. Choose a Billie Eilish song ;) (I promise it’s relevant)
  11. Choose another K pop group
  12. Finish the lyrics- I hope your dreams are amazing, I hope you dreams are amazing, I hope your dreams are amazing, I hope I’d _______
  13. Choose an artist
  14. Rate quiz!

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Quiz topic: Which BTS member am I?