Who is your best friend Dipper or Mabel

Dont you want to know if Dipper or Mabel want you to be their best friend? Take this quiz it is quick and easy just do it for fun or just do it for satisfaction

Do this and be amazing and dont be a loser because if you dont do this you are a loser just take the quiz it will give you a chance to actually know the truth

Created by: Nick Crawford

  1. Im Dippers best friend but you can be the exact level of friendship as I am so whats your favorite color
  2. Dipper: dude are you seriously making this quiz Me: yep What is your favorite foods
  3. Me: Dippers going to ask this question Who sucks
  4. Me: Dipper is reading his journal So... who do you like to be together
  5. Me: who do you hate
  6. Dipper: hi, who do you want to be your best friend
  7. Me: look there are no more questions how do you feel about the quiz
  8. Whatcha journal would you have
  9. What would you do in Gravity Falls
  10. If Bill came in the room with you what is your response

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Quiz topic: Who is my best friend Dipper or Mabel