Who is your attack on Titan bf/gf

Hello there. My name is lollkatz. This quiz is about attack on Titan obviously!!! It's so you know who your gf/bf is in attack on Titan! Sadly it only consists of 5 characters so choose your answers wisely!!

If you want Levi answer what you think he would like. If you want Eren well, that's obvious. Mikasa, you know How to handle HER right?! Right?!!!??? Armin I mean who wouldn't fall for him he's so kawaii~. And Petra is a little shy so be careful!!

Created by: LollKat
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  1. Eren: Hi. First question. How do you feel about Titans?
  2. Eren: Hi. First question. How do you feel about Titans?
  3. Levi: On a scale from 1-5 how much do you care about hygiene?
  4. Mikasa: are you protective? (be honest or I will find you) Me: She's just Kidding I swear!!!!!
  5. Armin: How long do you read?
  6. Petra: who do you want as your lover Me:*face palm* Petra please no Petra: mine is Heichou Me: ya no duh
  7. Levi: how long are your showers? Me: Wow Levi your really digging deep😶 Levi: this is my question deal with it!! Me:ok fine.
  8. Mikasa: Since my last question was a little weird I guess I'll ask what your favorite color is.
  9. Annie: ok even though I'm not an option I have to ask when asked to die would you do it?
  10. Petra: favorite season?

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Quiz topic: Who is my attack on Titan bf/gf