Who is your alter ego as a secret detective?

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This quiz is for all you, who like detective stories and characters. Maybe you have wondered this question before...! Which fictional detective are you/who is your alter ego as a secret detective. Now you can find it out.

This quiz was originally made in Finnish, since I'm from Finland but people here wanted to know what that "Kuka kuuluisa salapoliisi on sinun alter egosi" quiz was all about, so I translated it into English!

Created by: testin tekija
  1. How do you eat?
  2. What kind of voice ja speaking manner do you have?
  3. Your friend is worried and asks your help to solve a problem. How do you react?
  4. Which transportation do you use?
  5. How's your lovelife?
  6. Can you relax?
  7. How's your sense of humour?
  8. Do you do sports?
  9. How's your hair?
  10. You have a date. How do you prepare yourself for that?

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Quiz topic: Who is my alter ego as a secret detective?