Who is your 24K soulmate based on your birth chart?

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Hello! Take this quiz to find out who your 24K soulmate is based on your birth chart! Please note that this is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes and should NOT be taken 100% seriously.

I'm no wiz at astrology so I tried my best looking at multiple compatibility charts to get it close enough! It took some time but I was able to find some stuff. It may not be 100% accurate because I'm no creep and don't know their times of birth but I tried my best!

Created by: Kyla Nicole

  1. How old are you?
  2. What element is your sun sign?
  3. What element is your moon sign?
  4. What element is your Mercury sign?
  5. What element is your Venus sign?
  6. What element is your Mars sign?
  7. What element is your Rising/Ascendant sign?
  8. Which Zodiac sign is your favorite?
  9. Who's your bias? (This won't affect your result and if you have more than one bias select other!)
  10. Who is your 24K bias wrecker(s)? (This won't affect your result!)

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Quiz topic: Who is my 24K soulmate based on my birth chart?