Who is you 5SOS boyfriend?

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I know there are big fans of 5 Seconds of Summer. Lots of people want to know who their 5SOS boyfriend is! Who is it? Want to find out? Well.... Read on

Ok..... You're reading this probably because you want to know! Ok! Take the quiz! I work very hard for my quizzes to make it to the front cover and.... So far they haven't.... Probably because this is the 2nd I've made.... Please help me reach my goal and take this quiz! Thanks for reading!

Created by: Alicia
  1. In your spare time, you:
  2. Where do you guys hang out?
  3. If you would describe him in one word it would be:
  4. What kind of guy do you want most?
  5. Are you currently in a relationship?Some of these boys hate it when you talk about your ex...
  6. Why did you take this quiz?
  7. Okay, we're almost done. Are you happy about that?
  8. How important is school to you?
  9. In your group of friends, who are you?
  10. Ok. Last question. Who do you want and think you'll get? This has no affect on your results

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