WARNING: the following quiz contains graphic launguage that should not be viewed by anyone. All jokes,and offensiive slurs are to be taken seriously!

If you get offended easily i advise you to press back and never even think about this quiz again! If you think this quiz will be funny and you you are ready for hear someone(me)FINALLY diss whites than step on up and take this quiz. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

Created by: funnymaker

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. True or False... Whites think their better than everyone just because their "lighter" and have their own gay country?
  2. Where were white people first founded?
  3. Why do whites stink so bad?
  4. why are blonde white btches so stupid?
  5. white people are nothing but ---- themselves?
  6. True or False...Rednecks(the real word for white people) arrest blacks and mexicos to keep what their doing raape,pedos,murders on the down low?
  7. Are you sure you hate whites?
  8. Are you sure you hate whites?
  9. When did the world REALLY end?
  10. Will you comment and raape-rate my quiz?

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