who do you think you are???

there a many people in this world, like, chavs, nerds, emos, christains, cool people. so just yo let you know you are somebody! in this quiz. but in reallity this quiz is just for fun.

so if you got results that you are satisfided with, rock on! but on the nerd result i dont hate you. and on the emo, i dont know any crying emos, and the chave i dont know any!

Created by: DARK SPIDER

  1. what is you favorite kind of metal?
  2. favorite book?
  3. favortie band?
  4. what is your favorite color?
  5. choose you close combat weapon!
  6. choose you super power!
  7. favorite character?
  8. figthing style?
  9. favorite song?
  10. what is you last word when you die?

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Quiz topic: Who do I think you are???