are you a lona quiz

there are leaders then cool people then averge joes then lower people then the losers (including nerds and emos) then at the very bottom the lonas if you need sophistcated help then do this quiz blah blah blah blah

but are you a amazingly cool person or are you a stupid lona find out when you take the lona quiz if you are a lona please do not be offended lol and if you are cool on this plz dont try to be it may result in a wedgie

Created by: bob

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how long do you play vdeo games per day
  2. what would you say you are at school/work
  3. whats your fav pastime
  4. would you consider yourself a boffin
  5. do you go out a lot
  6. how many friends do you have
  7. what would you say you are
  8. are you enjoying this quiz if you say no there will be cosikwensis
  9. how many gf/bf friends have u ever had
  10. what dinosaur would you say you are
  11. last question ok

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Quiz topic: Am I a lona quiz