Who are you of L'manburg

This quiz tells you who i think that you are most like, and remember that this is just in my opinion, but this is who i think applies to you. P.S if i make any other quizzes please try them.

(Don't do answers just because you want to get a certain person, i won't be able to see your answers so don't worry) This must be 150 characters so I am writing this.

Created by: EMMA
  1. What's your favorite minecraft animal?
  2. What is your favorite tool(in minecraft)?
  3. What do you think describes your personality the best?
  4. Who's your favorite?(This wont effect your answer i just need more questions)
  5. What are you best at
  6. who do you think your most like(wont effect your score)
  7. What is your favorite kind of music?
  8. Have you had any type of childhood trauma
  9. Why are you doing this quiz?
  10. Whats the best out of these foods?

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Quiz topic: Who am I of L'manburg