Who are you like in 1D

So hey um this is my quiz about who you are like in one direction and i hope you get who you want but if not they are all really cool anyways so wat evs

um yea so why dont you stop reading this and just take the quiz already? go on just do it dudes c'mon take ma quiz take it take it noooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Cassaqazqaz
  1. Piano or kazoo?
  2. The Fray or Justin Bieber?
  3. Stripes or Plaid?
  4. Good swimmer/surfer or bad/non swimmer?
  5. English or Irish?
  6. What makes you beautiful or One thing?
  7. Non smoker or smoker
  8. Single or taken?
  9. Cute boy or hot guy
  10. Leona Lewis or Megan Fox?

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Quiz topic: Who am I like in 1D