who are you from the vampire academy

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you'll get to learn your true Vampire academy life after this one. no matter who you get your an awesome game player, and I hope you have fun learning your Identity!

Now if you want a prior answer you'll want this. so this is the quick and easy way to learn. now i'm new to this so tell me if I did a good job in the comments below.

Created by: caitlyn5

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  1. how old are you?
  2. what's your gender?
  3. what do you do in your free time
  4. what kind of power do you want
  5. what do you like to wear
  6. dhampire, moroi, or strigoi?
  7. whats one word that describes you?
  8. which vampire academy guy would you date? REALLY!
  9. whats your biggest flaw?
  10. do you get into trouble?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from the vampire academy