Who are you from the book Maximum Ride?

Maximum ride. yeah wow, I. Hate. These. Stupid. Paragraphs! Random city j'yall. Hows the wheather? How's your mother? Yeah that's good. Awesome. Yeah.

Have you read the book angel? It sucks, I hate it, Maximum ride has gone down hill, I only made this cause I was bored. Lala. Still bored, and now my eyes hurt.

Created by: Maddie
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  1. You see a friend being punched by a jerk from your school. They guy is five times bigger and stronger than you. What do you do?
  2. Your running a race. You become very tired and want to stop. But your team is counting on you to help them get to finals. Do you walk the rest of the way?
  3. You are sitting at the dinner table with your parents. Behind them the sink is overflowing. You try to get up and turn it off but they make you stay in your chair, saying it is rude to get up during dinner. You tell them about the sink, they ignore you, and say they are right. What do you do?
  4. Do you hate your worst enemey?
  5. Is it okay to be afraid?
  6. Would you be mad if I stabbed your dog?
  7. In a group project who seems to take control?
  8. People don't like that you are;
  9. People like you because:
  10. Do you like hugs?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from the book Maximum Ride?