Who are you from Jessica Schmids, The League?

This quiz will determine who you are from Jessica R. Schmid's, The League. Whether you're smart or funny, we'll find out who you are from the League. You could be Tia, Luke, Mila, Vincent, Zack, or Jessica.

Find out your personality in one of these ideals, or the sick powers you'd have as one of the League! All of the characters are amazing in their own ways! Find out where you'd fit on the super star super hero dream team!

Created by: jess1719

  1. Do you love swimming?
  2. Do you love being surrounded by nature?
  3. Do you love watching storms?
  4. Do you love sitting by a cozy fire?
  5. Do you love animals?
  6. Do you enjoy showing off?
  7. Do you have a friend that you constantly fight with?
  8. Are you quiet?
  9. Do you get cold easily?
  10. Are you smart?
  11. Are you very passionate?
  12. Do you have an affect over people?
  13. Are you a girl?
  14. Are you bossy?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Jessica Schmids, The League?