Who am I? Emo Spider-Man or Normal Spider-Man

"This is it. This is life. The one you get so go and have a ball. Because the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, my opening statement"- Peter Griffin

Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day.Nemo me impune lacessit-“No one wounds me with impunity”-- "No one insults me and gets away with it."

Created by: Tony
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like the color black and do you like to wear it?
  2. Would you dump your BF/GF that you've been seeing for a long time for just 1 date with someone out of your league?
  3. Someone tried to rob a bank. you stoped him. the bank is a mess and the cops dont come for another 5 minutes. would you steal any cash?
  4. Would you turn emo/evil/dark side just for a taste of true happiness?
  5. Would you hurt/kill you BFF because they kissed your BF/GF?
  6. Guys: Would you do it with Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy? Girls: Would you do it with Peter Parker or Harry Osborne?
  7. Wife Swap(ABC) or Trading Spouses(FOX)?
  8. Super Nanny(ABC) or Nanny 911(FOX)?
  9. Are you kinda private or do you dance like no one's watching on the street?
  10. Do you wear your hair in front of your face or combed back?

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