Which undertale character are really you?!?!?

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This is a quiz to see witch undertale character your more like to see if you like killing, making punny puns, making puzzles or like putting smile on people and monsters faces

Hope you can have fun with this, so just relax and pick your answers truthfully if you don't like the results go to someone else's quiz PLEASE DON'T HATE YOUR RESULTS!!

Created by: Angelkitty

  1. What is your favorite food
  2. If someone ruined your life what would you do
  3. What is you favorite color
  4. Who would you save
  5. Pacifism/ genocide
  6. What do you like doing in your spare time
  7. Who is your favorite character ?
  8. What do you think your more like
  9. Were would you live?
  10. Lastly did you like this quiz

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