Which Yu-Gi-Oh guy likes you?

do you like yugioh? if you do and you are a girl,you can see which of the many characters likes you. this will be a fun quiz that will decide who you are destined to be with.

are you curious? if you are,you can see your destiny. if you pick your favorite... AWESOME!!! if you do not pick your favorite, maybe you two were not meant to be.

Created by: Amber
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which millinium item do you own?
  2. what is your favorite color
  3. if you saw a hungry person on the street , you would...
  4. which word best describes you?
  5. what is your eye color?
  6. what is your origin?
  7. what is your favorite animal
  8. what is your hair color
  9. push the...
  10. don't you hate it when somebody you like on a tv show is drawn by another person. accept the drew him as a gay person.( does not count for result)
  11. did you like this quiz?

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