Which Xxxtentacion Song are you?

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Um, Trigger warnings are suicide, and depressiob, if you cant handle talking about stuff like that I sugesst you click off right now. Ok everyone else good?

Welcome to my quiz, this is a quiz about which Xxxtentaction song you are, #RIPX, based on your personality, or based on how you answered the questions.

Created by: Bella
  1. Which song do you think you are
  2. What's your normal mood
  3. Are you suicidal?
  4. How do you feel about school
  5. What's your favorite color
  6. Friends
  7. How much sleep do you get
  8. What do you like to do
  9. What's your hobby
  10. Suicidal thoughts?
  11. Scared of the dark
  12. You ready for the answers?

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Quiz topic: Which Xxxtentacion Song am I?