The Cow Says Moo

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Cows say moo moo. Donkeys say hee haw. Cupcakes are tasty and lovable. Blue monkeys crave suicide. Green is the color of luck, plants, and especially jealousy.

Which one are you? A cud-chewing cow with a gentle personality? A donkey with a stubborn attitude? How about the color green? A delicious cupcake worth eating? Or even a monkey who suffers from post depression? Take this random quiz, and find out!

Created by: smartgirl115

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  1. Which animal do you think says "moo"?
  2. Quick! Choose one!
  3. Moo-Moo
  4. Hee-haw!
  5. *Eats cupcake*
  6. It's not easy being...
  7. I'm so hungry, I feel like eating a...
  8. Fudge swirl cupcakes :D
  9. What do blue monkeys do?
  10. BYE BYE! See you in the morning :)

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