Which xmas object are u?

THere are too many people at christmas to think of, and some dont even beleivem in christmas. Many people wander who they would be if they were a xmas objest.

WHO ARE YOU, a christmas lover or a party pooper, do you love getting or giving on xmas, come on, tell me what you think and fint out who hides behind you in your xmas spirit.

Created by: holly

  1. What is you favorite food.
  2. What do you love to drink?
  3. What to you love to do?
  4. Do you prefer........
  5. what is you fave pass time?
  6. who do you give presents to?
  7. Why is this
  8. Do you have an advent calender?
  9. Why?
  10. Do you beleive in the xmas story about jesus?

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