which x-men character are u

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have you gotten tired of watching x-men shows well then do this quiz while it may be short it is accurate you will find which hero you truly are from brains to beuty

and you will be happy with the results i myself love thex-men they are one of the only superhero teams i like acctually i hope you enjoy this quiz have fun!!

Created by: Evan of x-men.com
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  1. what superpower do u want
  2. are you a leader
  3. are you a boy or a girl
  4. do you like this quiz so far
  5. do you like animals (this is a tottaly random question)
  6. do you like the show x-men
  7. when did you notice you were a mutant
  8. now how do you like this quiz
  9. are you smart
  10. this was my first quiz have you ever made one

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