Which wwe superstar are you (2013)?

A wrestler is some one who Is have The guts to do some things that every one can't do. An have a kinds heart like John cena not some one like cm punk

Are you a wrestler do you have the guts? Can you beat the odds of your rival or you at just a baby and scared of bigger guys come on and take the quiz

Created by: Arya

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you like mr machmon?
  2. Which champion do you like?
  3. Which superstar do you like?
  4. Which nick name do you like?
  5. Which champion do you like to be?
  6. Which champion do you like to be?
  7. Which finisher do you like?
  8. Are you raw fan or smack down or others?
  9. Which pe-per view do you prefer?
  10. Which diva do you like?

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Quiz topic: Which wwe superstar am I (2013)?