Which WoW race are you

Ever wondered what WoW race you would be, or which you like best? Even if you do not play WoW (World of Warcraft) It would still be cool to know if you are an elf, human, orc, or any other of the exotic races.

Which WoW Race are YOU? Are you elf, human, orc, or any of the other fantastic races? Take this quiz to find out. THIS QUIZ HAS ALL OF YOUR DYING QUESTIONS! :p

Created by: Jordan

  1. First off, Do you like pointy elf-like ears?
  2. Do you like exotic colored skin? (blue, purple, grey, etc...)
  3. Do you like tails?
  4. How about glowing eyes?
  5. Tall or short?
  6. Horns?
  7. What about their feet?
  8. Their figure?
  9. Starter leveling zone?
  10. Which name do you like best?

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Quiz topic: Which WoW race am I