Which wolf of Alpha are you?

alpha series below uwu alpha is a book series made by me and only me, uwu do you love that yeah muhaha, i dont know, what to put, XD lol i dont know what to put.

[no urls] spanish and english copy and pasteIn the Woodwarren Forest, there are four packs: Annclan, Valerieclan, Siberiaclan and Melodyclan, inhabited by wolves. One day, the princes get lost, they are Prince Bone, Princess Coral and Princess Sunlight (first called Sunset). They are taught by a wolf named Burnt, who was his teacher until one day, something terrible happens.(book 1)

Created by: ultrazorua of book 1
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  1. What do you prefer?
  2. Do you prefer live?
  3. You get lost on a forest, what you do?
  4. Which clan you like most OWo?
  5. You are hppily walking and find a shady poacher, what you do?
  6. You are wandeing for food on the forest and hunt a small prey. A hungry wolf approaches you, what you do?
  7. You walk happily and find a ant colony
  8. You find a big bear on your territory. Gulp!.
  9. *Gasp- you find a beautiful gal in your territory. You smell a faint scent of heat.
  10. Finally, whats your favourite meal?

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Quiz topic: Which wolf of Alpha am I?