which wizard of OZ character are you ?

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Mny people have seen the Movie "The Wizard Of Oz!" Have you ever thought though if you would've been in this movie what role would you play best? now u can !

Are you Dorothy, the lion, either witch, a scarecrow, a tinman, toto, or a scardy cat "Lion" Take this quiz to determine your true wizard oz OZ identity..

Created by: Bree
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  1. where would you rather be ona staurday night ?
  2. some one picks on you. what do u do ?
  3. do u beleive a wizard can give you a brain, heart, and courage ?
  4. you live in kansas ?
  5. you imaginize alot ?
  6. u have a dog ?
  7. who are u most like ?
  8. your scared of lions and tigers and bears oh my ?
  9. dou have dreams that seem real ?
  10. u would like to visit Oz ?

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Quiz topic: Which wizard of OZ character am I ?