which wings of fire tribe are you in?

i hope you like this quiz this was my first time making one so please say great! check out my next ones if i do have any ! and i love it but it almost took me a whole day!

thanks for doing this quiz i loved making it with my sister it was fun plus it was worth it!!! i wasso exited to see that people like wings of fire! bye!

Created by: picasso vinal

  1. what would you eat?
  2. whats your favorite color?
  3. wertyuiopppp
  4. where would you live?
  5. seasons?
  6. coming to a end!
  7. personality
  8. which book? is best i mean
  9. ohh second to last question your a genious!
  10. how did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which wings of fire tribe am I in?