Which wings of fire ship are you?

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Mangomoon Nightwing Rainwing Here! Today we will find out which wings of fire ship dragonet you are. There is starspeaker winterwatcher moonbli glory bringer rip nami Sundrake and Cleril.

My other creator names are mangomoon StarquakeANightwing Moonwatcher and Futureflight. Ignore random words find small black wings or brown white claws blah weird

Created by: Mangomoon
  1. What is your favourite colour.
  2. What is your favourite tribe.
  3. Which name sounds more interesting
  4. What are you hoping to get?
  5. What best describes you?
  6. Do you read wings of fire?
  7. Winter tells you that you don’t give him his scavenger he will rip of your face
  8. What do you like to eat?
  9. Vvhhjj
  10. What

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Quiz topic: Which wings of fire ship am I?