Which weakly are you

OK FIRST OF ALL SORRY THAT I PUT WEAKLY IN THE TITLE INSTEAD OF WEASLY. There are many weaslys in the Weasly family. The are all in gryffindor and are Noble and brave. There are 9 weaslys Arthur Molly Charlie Bill Percy Fred George Ron and Ginny

Loads of people wonder which Weasly they are most like, well take this quiz to find out. Are you mischievous like Fred and George, or courageous like Ginny and Ron well all will be revealed

Created by: Lily

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  1. Your friend comes over... You
  2. You would not want to be called...
  3. Which hogwarts class are you best at
  4. Okay so imagine you just said quidditch Which position would you play
  5. Your dream crush is
  6. Imagine Fred and George just played a prank on you.... You
  7. Ok who's your least favourite one (Mines Percy he is quite stuck up)
  8. Your friends would describe you as
  9. Who do you want to be
  10. Last question Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which weakly am I