Which Waterfire Saga Mermaid Are You?

Have you ever read the book series the Waterfire Saga? In it, there are 6 young mermaid heroines, each with their own destinies. It's a good series. You should read it.

Maybe you haven't read it. Maybe you have. But do you wonder which mermaid your are? Until now, you didn't know. But now you can! Each mermaid description has where she's from, what part of the prophecy she's in, and her strength and weakness.

Created by: I Love Books

  1. Hello and welcome to my quiz!
  2. Surprise! There's a good chance you'll die today.
  3. Never mind. Wrong person dying... But you have to save the world!
  4. If you had to live in any body of water, where would you live?
  5. Are you a ruler or a normal person?
  6. What's your special power?
  7. Do you get what you want often?
  8. What do you value?
  9. Bye!
  10. Fate decides in the end.....

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Quiz topic: Which Waterfire Saga Mermaid am I?