Which Warriors Medicine cat is INTO YOU!

Have you ever dreamed of hanging out with a medicine cat? Well I certainly have! In this quiz, I will be asking you ten questions, and however you answer will give you the best soulmate for you!

I hope you like this quiz! I worked my best on it! Let me know when you are pleased with your result. WARNING. THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE FULL SERIES! BEWARE!

Created by: Mango
  1. Jade: Hey what up scavengersMe: Three moons Jade! You're gonna scare em' away!Jade: ARE YOU READY???Me: Oh jeez.
  2. Me: Question one! Have you read the warriors series?
  3. Jade: Question two! How do your friends describe you?
  4. Me: Question Three!Jade: I thought it was my turn.Me: No you just wentJade: So it IS my turnMe: No Jade--Jade: QUESTION THREE! What kind of relationship are you looking for?
  5. Me: Question Four! Which of these cats do you want for your soulmate (not medicine cats)
  6. Jade: Question Five! Who is better me or *scoffs* Mango?
  7. Me: Question Six! What is your current mood?
  8. Jade: Question Seven! Triva time! Who kills Tigerstar?
  9. Me: Question eight! Who is more ANNOYING... *glares at Jade* Jade or me?
  10. Jade: Question nine! Who is your favorite out of the three?
  11. Me: Final question! How are you around your crush?
  12. Me and Jade: Baiiiii!

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