Which Warriors Cat are You?

Are you evil or nice? Are you a Medicine Cat, Leader, Deputy or a Warrior? Which Clan are you from? Thanks to this quiz, In just 15 questions, you will find out. The higer your srore is, the nicer Warrior you are, the lower you score, the more creul you are.

Are you Firestar? Are you Leafpool? Are you Tallstar? Are you Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, or Brokenstar? Are you from ShadowClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, or RiverClan? Find out by taking this quiz!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Tabbystar
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  1. Do you believe in StarClan?
  2. If you were a cat, Which Clan would you be in?
  3. If you were a Clan Leader, Would you be creul?
  4. If you were a warrior, would you kill the deputy hoping to become deputy, then if you did, would you kill the leader to become leader?
  5. If you were a cat, would you take the path of a Warrior or a Medicine cat?
  6. If you were a medicine cat, and someone was hurt what would you treat them?
  7. If you were the ShadowClan leader, would you steal Frostfur's kits and kill Spottedleaf
  8. If you were a queen, would you be a mentor to your kits? (This does not effect your score)
  9. Who would you want to be your mentor?
  10. If you were a leader, which one would you like to be?
  11. Are you loyal?
  12. If Brokenstar were on his last life, would you kill him?
  13. Last Question: If a kittypet became the leader of ThunderClan, Which Clan would you join?

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